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10 everyday swaps to get into Better Health: UK strives for a healthier lifestyle

With Public Health England campaign launching to get into ‘Better Health’ and tackle obesity together, we thought we’d help give you ideas on your roadmap to making healthier swaps, helping the nation get healthier together.

It has been unveiled that the UK has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, despite adverts for unhealthy food already being subject to heavy restrictions. The idea behind LowKal started with helping people be less tempted by unhealthy offers at the supermarket, helping pre-diabetics and creating a way to easily adjust to a healthier lifestyle. At LowKal, we believe that having healthier alternatives, without restricting what we eat, is the way forward in making change towards a healthier lifestyle. We look for foods that are low in calories, use natural ingredients as well as low sugar, carb and saturated fats alternatives.

Resetting our relationship with your diet and exercise as we exit lockdown has never felt more needed, as the NHS warns of the effects obesity has on COVID-19 patients. We’ve been looking at some everyday swaps that are easy to incorporate into your 12 week plan to improve eating habits.

1. Walkers Salt & Vinegar  Seaweed Crisps Salt and Vinegar How many calories in walkers salt and vinegar (184 cals) vs. Abakus Seaweed Crisps (100cals)
Walker's Salt & Vinegar crisps are a British favourite. Whilst this lunch box classic is super tasty, we can save on the calories and saturated fats by making a healthy swap for Abakus Seaweed Crisps, without compromising on flavour.
2. Galaxy Cookie Crumble Rhythm 108 Swiss Chocolate bar How many calories in Galaxy Cookie Crumble (220 cals) vs Rhythm 108 bars (191 cals)
When we're fancying a bit of indulgence, we all love a bit of chocolate. Making a swap to Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline bar with Swiss chocolate, which has 45% less sugar than a regular chocolate bar & uses completely organic ingredients.
3. Fanta Nix and Kix Blood Orange & Turmeric How many calories in a can of fanta (160 cals) vs Nix and Kix (50 cals)
We all love a can of pop, but often it can feel like empty calories. Nix and Kix's Blood Orange & Tumeric offers you a pick me up, that's also full of antioxidants!
4. Maltesers  Doisy and Dam Ballers How many calories in a bag of maltesers (187 cals) vs Doisy and dam ballers (128 cals)
Doisy and Dam's ethically sourced chocolate ballers are the answer to malteser-alternative, crunchy treats. At almost 60 calories less per packet, we cant complain!
5. Haribos ⏩ Jealous Sweets Tropical WonderHow many calories in haribos (140 cals) vs Jealous Sweets (54 cals)
Jealous Sweets' Tropical Wonder gummy sweets are not only plant based, but they are also naturally low in calories. They are made with natural flavouring and come in a handy pouch.
6. Jaffa Cakes ⏩ Cacao Orange Raw EnergyHow many calories in 2 jaffa cakes (92 cals) vs Squirrel sisters Cacao Orange (82 cals)
*per 2 biscuit serving
Curb those zesty chocolate orange cravings in this natural and delicious bars. Filled with goodness, these Squirrel Sisters Chocolate Orange energy bars are ready to fuel your afternoons.
7. Pringles Sour Cream and Onion  Popchips Sour Cream and Onion How many calories in pringles (150 cals) vs popchips (95 calories)   *14 Pringles (1 serving)
We all love sour cream and onion crisps, but these popped and fried crisps from Popchips save us on calories and saturated fats, whist being in a handy portion sized packet!
8. McVities Hobnobs Rhythm 108 Tea Biscuit - Choco Hazelnut How many calories in hobnobs (134 cals) vs rhythm 108 choco hazelnut cookies (122 cals)
*per 2 biscuit serving
At LowKal HQ, we all love a biscuit with our afternoon brew! These Rhythm 108 tea biscuits provide the chocolatey goodness for on the go, whilst being lower in calories & using natural ingredients!
9. Mini Rolls ⏩ Flower and White Meringue Bar in ChocolateHow many calories in mini rolls (116 cals) vs flower and white meringue bars (99 cals)
We can only describe these meringue bars as truly decadent. A LowKal fave that hits the sweet spot, and only 99 calories!
10. Nutella ⏩ Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread How many calories in nutella (200 cals) vs skinny food co hazelnut spread (25 cals)
We couldn't create this list without creating a breakfast staple?! Move over Nutella on toast, we're cutting the sugar and the calories with Skinny Food Co's Chocaholic Spread.

    In total, if you were to make these swaps in a week you would have reduced your calories from snacks by 746 calories! That's a reduction of 106 calories per day, if you also slightly alter your meals, you can easily reach a 200 calorie deficit that’s recommended when starting a diet!


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