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Slimming World: Top 10 Healthy Snacks

Looking for some healthy Slimming World snacks to get you started? We love how flexible the Slimming World plan lets you be. Obviously we're meant to always reach for speed foods when we can - but you've got to have naughty treats to be able to stay on track, so that's why we've taken a look at the best healthy Slimming World snacks that you can take on the go.


1. Look What We Found

Ok, so this technically can be a snack - a quick mini meal full of real ingredients. Plus, as far as ready meals go, 1 syn for a chicken casserole is INCREDIBLE. We've been known to have this with some HexB for lunch, or as a quick filling afternoon snack.

2. Yogurt

Fat free, Greek-style and unsweetened soya yogurt is a free food on Slimming World. Some flavoured yogurts such as Muller lights are 1 syn each.

3. Hippeas

Hippeas are great, they're like Wotsits, but made out of chickpeas. Per packet there is 4.5 syns in the Sweet & Smokin' Hippeas. They're also high in plant powered protein too!

4. Fibre One

Fibre one bar's are great for slimming world

The Fibre One Milk Chocolate popcorn bars are 3.5 syns, and irresistible! Perfect with a cup of tea for those afternoon pick-me-ups. One of our go-to Slimming World Snacks.

5. Jelly

Sugar free, 5 calorie jelly has been the dieter's go to sweet treat for years. Also great for Slimming Worlder's, with under half a syn per serving.

6. Bananas

Because of food optimising, bananas are free on Slimming World, so they're ideal for an energy boost and pre-body magic snack.

7. Nakd Raisins


We cannot stress this enough- these raisins taste exactly like cola bottles. These are a real win for sweet lovers on a diet, these penny sweet style raisins are super sweet and cola flavoured, plus they're only 3.5 syns.

8. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are great for Slimming Worlder's as they're packed with fibre and protein. They're a super healthy snack, whether you roast them in some paprika and cumin or buy a packet of flavoured chickpeas for on the go.

9. Meringue Bites

Flower and White Meringue Bar low calorie Freakshake

We love the meringue bites because you get an extra coating of chocolate in this form (we know everyone has been going crazy over the bars). Plus if you're only having a taste they're only 1 syn per portion!

10. Popcorn

Personal packets of popcorn are the best way not to binge when watching a film. In one packet of Propercorn sweet and salty is just 4 syns!


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