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How we spend our Healthy Extra B in 2020

If you’re wondering about exciting ideas you can do with your HexB allowance, we’ve been looking at our favourite fibre-fueled recipes with healthy extra swaps.

Healthy extra B is important in your Slimming World journey, especially if you're eating more protein as the fibre helps your digestion and they both help you feel fuller for longer.

At LowKal we've been chatting about our favourite healthy extra B to help fuel our day but stay in our allowance. Team LowKal love to have porridge or granola in the morning to help fuel your day, we usually measure out between 30-40g to and log it in our app. Read on if you're unsure what to spend your healthy extra B allowance on!

Granola and fat free yogurt (syn free)

Using our Raw Gorilla granola, we love a bowl of it in the morning with fat free yogurt and some honey.

We use a 30g serving to keep on track, and have it in our allowance of healthy extra B. It’s also full of protein and chocolate flavoured!

Granola and Chia Seed pudding with banana

We also tried our granola with chia seed pudding - but that used around 6 of our daily syns. 

Porridge oats with 0 syn syrups

We love our morning porridge, we use oat pots when we’re running late to work, but in the morning with a bit of extra time we love the Skinny Food syrups in our morning fuel!

Porridge with strawberries used as Slimming Wold HexB

We have also began using the oat pots for overnight oats, we add greek yogurt, strawberries and a few squeezes of golden syrup!

Wholemeal Pitta with some Syn Free Hummus

For our afternoon snacks, we make syn free hummus from the Feeding Boys blog. With a toasted pitta, some cucumber and carrots and a cup of green tea to fight the 3pm slump.

Syn free hummus with healthy extra B


We love trialling out the Slimming World diet and how it can help us eat better, let us know how you're finding being a slimmer!

Are you following the Slimming World Diet?

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