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Simple Swaps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle: Delivered by LowKal

LowKal was created in the midst of the UK lockdown, as adventures down the supermarket sweet aisles became more frequent, something had to change. LowKal is here to steer you away from unhealthy temptations, but still deliver naughty snacks - just with less calories. Inspired by wanting to help people who are looking to live a healthier life, lose a few pounds and those who are pre-diabetic, LowKal was designed to make dieting both easier and more exciting.

Mallow & Marsh Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar

How do we do this? By supplying mouth-watering snacks that encourage you to make achievable, realistic swaps to match your busy lifestyle - and delivering them straight to your door.

The NHS released data in 2020 showing that the majority of the UK adult population are classified as obese, and Diabetes UK warns that more people than ever are at risk of type 2 diabetes, with an estimated 1 million people currently having undiagnosed T2 diabetes in the UK. Data from the COVID-19 pandemic, places people with an unhealthy BMI or type 2 diabetes in a higher risk category for coronavirus complications. There's a lot we can do to try and fix this. Currently, the most accessible snacks in the market are unhealthy, such as the snack options in a meal deal or chocolate bars at the checkouts. These options are likely to be high in calories, sugar & saturated fats and full of artificial ingredients. 

At LowKal, we understand that making switches to a healthier lifestyle has to be done in an easy and realistic way. That’s why we stock snacks that are pre packaged and perfect for on the go. Our snacks taste naughty, so you’re not restricting yourself, but they’re lower in calories, sugar & use less saturated fats.

When trying to diet, restricting yourself too much often leads to binging and it isn’t sustainable. We want to continue to enjoy the foods that we eat, but not suffer from any health implications that come with it. Our products have been chosen so that they are satisfying, and they fit in with a healthy diet.

LowKal was founded by Alice and Andrew Hall, who are experienced entrepreneurs, having previously built up an online fashion retailer. Their latest venture, Rowen Group, has launched three brands including LowKal. As busy business owners, the mission behind LowKal resonates with their experiences of trying to access healthy snacks.

"We built LowKal to make healthy eating easier. When you lead a busy life, whether you're a business owner, a parent or simply have too much on, it can be easy to pick up an unhealthy snack from the shop because you're in a rush. LowKal means you can be prepared for the week ahead, so you don't have to run into the shop and pick up a packet of crisps just to keep get you through the afternoon. Preparation is often key when you're trying to stick to a healthy diet."

If you’re struggling to stay on your diet, simply shop by diet type; Keto, Low Sugar, Low Carb or High Protein. We have a space so you can shop by other dietary requirements: Vegan or Gluten Free, so that you can find healthy snacks that suit your needs. Usually finding foods that suit your diet and are fitting into your calorie count can be difficult, with a lot coming with a higher price tag or artificial sweeteners. LowKal's mission is to have something for everyone, and not break the bank.

Our collections have been created to make you spoilt for choice, so you'll definitely find something that suits you. We have a variety of surprise boxes: 7, 14, 21 & 30 item boxes, as well as a slimming world box, vegan box & girls night in surprise box. We’ve created these boxes so that our customers can try a variety of snacks and also receive new releases as they land in our warehouse.

Low Calorie 30 item surprise subscription box

The future of LowKal is looking exciting. We’re expanding our offering so that you can start a subscription, whether that’s a repeat order of your favourite snacks or a monthly surprise box. We’ll also be looking into creating our own products, so that we can create the most exciting flavours and products that are healthy and accessible.

LowKal has been launched alongside two other businesses - Allergyboxan allergen-friendly food store and Rowen Homes, a design agency. All three businesses were started during lockdown.

For enquiries please contact Annabel Gill, Marketing Executive at annabel@rowengroup.com.

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