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Slimming World: Low Syn Savoury Snacks


Finding savoury snacks that are delicious and low syn can be a challenge. Often flavourings, sauces and packeted snacks are high in calories, saturated fats or sugar. So they don't easily fit into the Slimming World diet plan. We've covered our favourite savoury snacks from ones you can buy online to ones you can whip up in the kitchen and pop in some tupperware for the week ahead!

Click here for savoury Slimming World snacks to make at home
Click here for savoury Slimming World snacks to buy online

Slimming World Friendly Snacks - to Make at Home

For when we have more time at the weekend, we sometimes prep a few of our snacks throughout the week. Making these at home means that we know they are Slimming World friendly, these low syn snacks can all be made with just a few hours of prep, and have you set for the week!


Roasted Red Pepper and Chive Falafels 

Slimming World Red pepper and Chive Falafels

This can be found on the Slimming World website, they’re super easy to make, they also only have 1 Syn per 4 piece serving!

Veggies and homemade Hummus (0 Syns!)

Zero Syn Hummus - Slimming world friendly

Have you tried the awesome FatGirlSkinny's recipes yet?! They're all amazing! Get the food processor out and fill it with some super speed. Super quick and easy, and the recipe can be easily adapted to incorporate more flavours - we’ve tried chucking in some roasted red peppers with it! Made in minutes and can last up to three days, we’ve been pairing it with some carrot and cucumber sticks to dip in for a refreshing snack.

Vegetable Tempura Bites (6.5 Syns)

Slimming World Tempura Bites

A recipe from everyone's favourite - Pinch of Nom! With a few more syns than the other homemade options, these tempura vegetable bits are totally worth it. Asian inspired bites make these coated veggies and dipping sauce so delicious! They're bakes so they're a lot healthier than the ones you'll find in Wagamama!


Slimming World Friendly Snacks - To Buy

All our favourite LowKal snacks from our Slimming World collection are easy to pop in your bag and not give a second thought. We created this shoppable list of savoury low syn snacks so that you can spend less time prepping the week's snacks and more time enjoying your Sunday evening!

Sweet Chilli Salsa crunchy flavoured peas (only 3.5 syns!)

Takling the Pea  - only 2 syns

These sweet and spicy peas are incredibly moorish, they have less syns & calories than nuts and more fibre than crisps. This sweet and fiery flavouring is super complimentary, and helps you feel fuller. Perfect to pop in your bag and take to work with you.

Popped Cheese  (6 syns per packet)Cheesies popped cheese -zero carbs and slimming world healthy extra A

These popped cheese crisps are our answer to low carb Quavers. Each bag is cheesy enough to satisfy your cravings and they'll fill you up too. There’s literally one ingredient in them - cheese! The cheese is dried out and then popped; we java them in Cheddar, Gouda and Emmental.

Vegan Jerky (5.5 Syns)

Vegan Qwirkee Jerky - high in protein, low in syns

Qwrkee Jerky is great for people following a vegan Slimming World diet, or just trying to cut down on meat! This vegan jerky is like no other, strangely meaty- they fill you up and have less fat and calories. These jerky pieces are high in protein to keep you full and they’re only 5.5 syns for the full packet! The smoky bacon flavour is going to be a treat for your savoury cravings. It’s a great source of on-the-go protein for a veggie, vegan or flexitarian slimmer.

Popped Lotus Seeds  (4 syns) 

Native popped lotus seeds in sweet chilli and lime

When we first tried these, we were so excited about how full the packet was! Say goodbye to a bag of air and tuck into these lotus seeds. The Sweet Chilli and Lime flavour is a fantastic mix of sweet and spicy, there are simultaneous flavours of savoury, sweet, tangy & spicy with the zest of the lime.  They’re inspired from the plant-based snacks available in India, and they’re fair trade too.


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