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Slimming World Series: Top 5 Low Syn Biscuits

Slimming World syns are created to get us through a diet. Little pieces of tasty goodness that will get us through the day and make being on a diet more fun. We've been exploring the traditional biscuits that we can slot into the our Slimming World diet, so you can make the best decision when spending your syns.

1. Jaffa Cakes

Is it a cake? Or is it a biscuit? Either way it’s a go-to slimming world friendly snack. Brits love the light and spongy base with zingy orange jelly coated in dark chocolate. Jaffa Cakes come in at the lower end of the syn values with 2.5 syns per biscuit.

2. Oreos

Whether you twist it open or dunk it into a glass of milk, Oreo’s are a Slimming World favourite with just 2.5 syns. The layered cookies n cream biscuit is a must have when you’re starting the slimming world diet - plus they’re plant based, so they’re great for any vegan slimmers.

3. Custard Creams

Lovemore Custard Creams - only 2.5 syns on slimming world

These Lovemore custard creams are only 2.5 syns! These too are plant-based, meaning they’re great for vegans and people cutting down on dairy. Custard creams are arguably the perfect biscuit to dunk into your cup of tea.

4. Ginger Nuts

Ginger nuts biscuits are crunchy and have a fiery ginger flavour. These biscuits are only 2.5 syns and great to fight your afternoon slump. Slimmers get a bang for their buck here, as the strong flavours satisfy your sweet tooth without needing to go through the whole pack.


5. Rhythm 108 Tea Biscuit in Choco Hazelnut 

choco-hazelnut biscuits for slimming world that you can buy online at LowKal

The biscuit with the lowest syns on this list, Rhythm 108’s choco tea biscuits are known for their chocolatey, crispy goodness for us chocoholics. Using completely organic ingredients, these slimming world friendly biscuits are good for the soul and body.


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