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Slimming World : Top 10 Crisps that are Low in Syns

Everyone in Britain loves a good packet of crisps, whether you're a salt & vinegar, prawn cocktail or straight up plain salted kind of person. We love having crisps as a snack, but they don't always fit into our diet plans.

We've found some of the best low syn crisps for people on Slimming World. Looking at what you've been buying over the past couple of months, we've narrowed it down to the top ten crisps that are low in syns on Slimming World.

1. Cheesies - Gouda - 6 syns

These Cheesies are becoming the Slimming World favourite amongst LowKal HQ. Made with just Gouda cheese, there are no additives or preservatives, and also zero carbs. On Slimming World you can have a bag of Cheesies for just 6 syns.

2. Well & Truly Impulse Sticks - Sour Cream and Onion - 6 syns

Well & Truly’s impulse sticks are packed with flavour, they’re very similar to Cheetos in texture, but these aren’t junk food. A classic crisp with a fresh twist on it, the creators promise each packet has one secondary health benefit. Plus, these are only 6 syns for the full packet.

3. Abakus seaweed crisps - salt and vinegar- 5 syns

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover - despite being super healthy, these seaweed crisps taste like the seaweed you get from your local Chinese takeaway, just without the nasties. Made with just natural ingredients, these Slimming World friendly, salt and vinegar crisps are just 5 syns.

4. Properchips BBQ- 4.5 syns

Properchips have really changed tortilla crisps for us, using a mix of the BBQ and sea salted we’ve been making nachos with these Slimming World crisps when we’ve got the gals over. Plus the BBQ is only 4.5 syns and your 4th favourite crisp.

5. Hippeas - Sweet & Smokin - 4.5 syns

Shaped like a wotsit, twice as fun. These sweet and smokin’ crisps are made from chickpeas, making them packed with protein and low in syns. These packets of goodness are only 4.5 syns for one full serving.

6. Well & Truly Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar - 6.5 syns

Another one from Well & Truly, these Sea Salt and Cider vinegar crisps are made with natural ingredients and only cost you 6.5 syns. Our Slimming Worlders are loving these crisps, perfect for an afternoon treat.

7. Properchips - Sea Salt-  3.5 syns

Properchips are on the top ten list again, these go-to crisps are insanely low in syns, with just 3.5 syns. Making it perfect for a snack or even as breadcrumbs in your fakeaway, the possibilities are endless..

8. Popchips - Sour Cream and Onion - 4.5 syns

A Slimming World staple, Popchips in sour cream and onion are low in saturated fats and packed with flavour. Popped, not fried - so they’re only 4.5 syns.

9. Well and Truly Impulse sticks - Smokey Paprika - 6 syns

The smokey paprika crisps from Well & Truly are their last appearance on the top 10 crisps that Slimming Worlders have been choosing, and for good reason. Think crunchy, smokey, not-junk food crisps are just 6 syns on Slimming World.

10. Native Popped Lotus Seeds - Salt and Vinegar - 4 syns

New on the scene, popped lotus seeds are the new trend for healthy crisps. We love these from Native especially, as we’ve never seen a crisp packet so full! Plus they’re super healthy & just 4 syns for the full packet.


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