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Sneak Peak: Girls Night In Box


Grab your girls, it’s time for the perfect girls night in!


Our girls night in box is serving you all the goals you need, any day of the week. Here is what low calorie treats we’ve got planned for you next time the gals are over.

1. Mallow and Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow 

 Mallow and Mash Raspberry Marshmallow pouch, in pink packaging

This pouch of gooey marshmallow bites are flavoured with raspberries and coated in a thick layer of chocolate. If there’s such a thing as a snack bombshell, this is it!

2. Graze Sweet Chilli Crunch 

Graze Sweet Chilli Crunch

Are you ready for a taste sensation? We love pairing a bit of sweet chilli with a Sauvignon Blanc..wine might not be low calorie but we all deserve a mid-week treat?!

3. Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Doisy and Dam Vegab Almond Butter Cups

Using natural ingredients, these almond butter cups melt in your mouth. These are also one of our favourite chocolates for all of our vegan huns out there!

4. Flower and White Raspberry Meringue Bar

Flower and White Raspberry Meringue Bar

Chewy, delicious and hitting the sweet spot? These meringue bars are absolutely divine, and are great for that sweet tooth.

5. Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Cookie Dough 

Hazelnut cookie dough from Rhythm 108

After the pizza…. Cookie dough. Straight from the Swiss Alps, this cookie dough is giving us serious dessert vibes.

6. Indie Bay Chocolate Pretzels

Indie Bay Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These dark chocolate covered pretzel bites are full of fibre and super fun, a great nibble for during a film.

7. Banana Joe Crisps Hickory BBQ

Banana joe Hickory BBQ banana chip crisps

These crisps are full of flavour, the Hickory BBQ flavours are incredible and taste like real crisps. Plus there’s a full banana in each packet!

8. Nix and Kix Watermelon Hibiscus

Nix And Kix Watermelon flavoured drink

Juicy and refreshing, plus it is metabolism boosting and energy releasing! Ideal for a morning refresh..

9. Organic Kombucha - Passionfruit

Organic Kombucha Passion Fruit

Detox time! There’s nothing better to compliment a face mask than a glass of kombucha to get a fresh feeling. Kombucha is the newest trend from north Asia, it’s naturally low in sugar and with living cultures.

The girls night in box is fun-filled, low calorie hamper full of goodies, plus you can expect some extra non-foodie treats in there too!

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