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Slimming World vs. Weight Watchers: The Basics

 We've all heard of both diets, but how different are the Slimming World and Weight Watcher's plans, really? If you cant decide which is best for you, here's a quick explanation of how the two differ as diet choices!

What Can I Eat?

Kim Pearson, Harley Street Nutritionist, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the differences between Slimming World and Weight Watchers plans. She points out that from a nutritional perspective, the two plans vary significantly.

Slimming World allows its members to eat as much as you want of its free foods. This includes starchy, carby foods such as pasta and potatoes which ultimately break down into sugar and stored as fat if they are not immediately used for energy. 'Synned' foods are energy dense foods, like chocolate, crisps and alcohol, on average, you're allowed 5-15 syns per day.

Whereas WW is focused on protein and vegetables, but most foods are assigned a point value, with a list of zero point foods that fit into the protein and veg category, encouraging you to make healthier choices. On a WW plan (there are three!), your SmartPoints are calculated based on your height and weight.

On both plans, lean meats, legumes and meat-alternatives are mostly 'free' with Quorn sausages & Linda McCartney sausages having a syn value on Slimming World. Slimming World allows meat eaters to cut off the fat on unprocessed meats, wheras on WW you're limited to chicken, turkey and fish.

What's great about each plan?

Slimming World adds in the option for Healthy Extras, this includes dairy product (A) or bread/wheat items (B), of which you're allowed to incorporate a limited amount into your free food.

WW does give you additional weekly points, so you can either spread these out over 7 days for extra points each day, or save them up for a special occasion or takeaway, without feeling like you've failed at your diet. Every standard meat substitute is free on WW, so this can be more appealing for vegetarians and vegans.

Do I exercise?

On a Slimming World plan, you're encourages to join in on their Body Magic plan, which involves 30 minutes of exercise a day, this can be walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, with 5 days being based around muscle strengthening activity.

WW isn't too dissimilar, you're encouraged to try new exercises such as spinning, weight lifting and your day-to-day activities such as walking to work. Doing exercise helps you accumulate your FitPoints, which has a target you work towards each week.

How much weight can I lose?

According to both plans, on Slimming World you can potentially lose up to 7lbs in the first week, after that you can easily lose up to 3lbs.

WW is more steady, aiming to lose between 1-2lbs per week.


Pro's and Con's

Pro's of Slimming World

  • Lists no restrictive foods
  • Contains no calorie counting
  • Includes support

Pro's of Weight Watchers

  • It is balanced and flexible
  • It promotes slow and steady weight loss
  • It helps teach you about nutrition

Con's of Slimming World

  • Provides little portion control
  • Requires time and effort for understanding

 Con's of Weight Watchers

  • Potentially too much freedom for some people & not enough rules
  • Is slightly more expensive than Slimming World

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    If you think that WW is a better diet option for you, check our our low SmartPoint Snacks & follow us for more Weight Watchers news!

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