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The Best Low Syn Snacks 2020: Treats 3.5 syns and under

Here at LowKal, we believe in dieting without restrictions. If you've ever found yourself wondering what you can eat on Slimming World, we've had a look at our favourite low syn snacks that will easily fit into your syn allowance.

We've pulled together our favourite LowKal snacks, which are all 3.5 syns and under!

Flower & White Salted Caramel Meringue bar: 3 ½ syns

If you've seen our Instagram, you'll know everyone at LowKal HQ are in love with these meringue bars! We've discovered the answer to finding a low syn alternative to a meringue nest, with just 3.5 syns per bar this is the perfect sweet afternoon treat!

Slimming world friendly meringue bars in salted caramel

Nakd crazy cola infused raisins: 3.5 syns

We're getting crazy pick and mix vibes from these Nakd cola flavoured raisins! Tasting just like cola bottle sweets, these raisins hit the spot - and we even mix it with the lime flavour for reminisce sunny days at the beach*. At 3.5 syns, we have no second thoughts when popping a packet in our bag for an afternoon pick me up! 

*We tend to not mix the raisins with rum 

Banana Joe BBQ Crisps: 1.5 syns (est.)

These Banana Joe crisps are our new favourite crisps, the Hickory BBQ flavour combined with thin slices of banana are the perfect showstopping nibbles, and cant even tell that they're not potato. Using the Slimming World estimator, we've worked these crisps at 1.5 syns per bag, not to mention they count as one of your five a day!

Mallow & Marsh Salted Caramel Whip: 1 syn

This salted caramel marshmallow spread is the best thing since (and on) sliced bread. This creamy marshmallow whip comes in at 1 syn per 7.5g serving, at first we thought this might be skimpy, but it turns out it's the perfect amount! We love it scooped out of the tub, but also with a bit of our healthy extra B, plus it's vegetarian too! It also comes in vanilla and raspberry, we think it's one for every occasion? 

Low calorie, slimming world friendly marshmallow fluff

The Skinny Food Co - Skinny Syrup: 0.5 syn

The Skinny Food co are known for their no calorie, low syn syrups that are full of flavour! For an almost syn free snack, we love pairing the maple syrup with these syn free american style pancakes!

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