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Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli 250g

Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli 250g

Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli 250g

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This delicious Keto Mighty Muesli is free from grain, gluten, dairy, wheat, oats, soy, preservatives, and toxins as well as being great for a high protein or keto diet!  


Activated Sunflower Seeds (55%), Brown activated Flax Seeds (12%), Raw Coconut Chips (12%), Cashew Nuts (8%), Activated Pumpkin Seeds (8%), Cacao Nibs (4%), Chia Seeds (1%), *Organic, All our Nuts & Seeds are Activated & *Organic, No Rubbish in here!

Nutritional Information per pack: 
Per 40g Serving

Energy - 855.6kJ / 204 kcal
Fat - 16.6g of which saturates - 5.6g
Carbohydrates - 6.8g of which sugars - 1.2g
Fibre - 8.8g
Protein - 6.0g
Salt - 0.0g

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